2020 COVID vs. Priorities

It seems like COVID-19 has brought the family unit back to the good ole' days. Family dinners around the table, communicating with our children, board games, laughter, and fun videos with your kiddos (despite our paralyzing worldwide fears). For a moment, we are whole again. Life can stop on a dime with one dreaded phone call, one bad test result, the news of a sick friend or family member. The clock starts ticking!  Life, as you knew it, just changed. Priorities immediately switch from 'eventually' to 'urgent.'  COVID is taking the lives of young and old, making the world go into fierce protection mode! Your biological family is also getting older, and more than likely are high risk for COVID-19. Don't let another day go by thinking, 'you'll search eventually.' While you may think you have time on YOUR side, your biological family could have just answered 'that dreaded' phone call. Should something happen to your biological family, they take secrets, stories, and health history to their grave. Start your biological family search. Whatever the outcome, I promise you will find peace on your search journey. Change your priority status to URGENT, and have no regrets! I will walk every step with you!

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2020 – How did we get here?

It's been quite a journey from 2019 to 2020.  One minute we're ringing in the new year, the next minute the robins are showing up, and it's almost Spring Time!! COIRS and NOCO CI have picked up the pace early this year, and I've been busy! There has been a spike in DNA testing. DNA is a fabulous tool for cold-cases but has its challenges in narrowing down biological relatives.  I'm learning new DNA techniques daily! Keep throwing the hard stuff at me, I'm ready!

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2019 – Let me pick up the reins and lighten your load!

We can't travel backwards and change mistakes, but we can work on our present and make a fabulous future!

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2018 – Bring it on!

Another year has slipped by us.  How is that possible?  Make 2018 a memorable one!  Start your biological family search today!

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Sum… Sum… Summer Time!

The HIGHEST compliment one can give is the referral of friends and associates.  
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your trust!  

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Memorial Day Thank You!

Thank You to ALL who have sacrificed to protect and defend our precious liberties and freedom! We are blessed and thankful for your service.  Be safe this Memorial Day weekend.

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Tax Season is Over!

What better place to spend your tax refund than…. ON YOURSELF!  Have debtors that owe you money? Biological family you have wanted to find?  DNA tests?  COIRS and NOCO CI are here to help!  Call us!

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Spring is officially here!

No better time than SPRING to clean out the old and bring in the new! Dust off your adoption files, and let NOCO CI start your search journey.  It doesn't take long to find your biological family.  The hardest part is taking the FIRST STEP…..  

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International Women’s Day 2017!

Today is International Women's Day 2017! Support your Women-owned Businesses today. NOCO Confidential Intermediary LLC and COIRS are proud members of the Colorado Minority Buisness Directory – Women-owned Small Business! Call us today!

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“Perfect Timing” is a Myth!

For decades I have been asked, "Why Now?"  Why 20-40-60 years later am I hearing from my biological relative? 
Why not [ insert perfect time here ]? 
Timing is a measure of moments passing! Perfect moments that get derailed due to unforeseen circumstances or choices.  While blaming time is convenient and simple, CHOICE determines your direction. The time is NOW, so OWN it!  
Trust in me and I will walk the journey with you!  ~  Candice 

"If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything, is ready, we shall never begin."
Ivan Turgenev, Russian Novelist/Playwrite

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