2020 COVID vs. Priorities

It seems like COVID-19 has brought the family unit back to the good ole' days. Family dinners around the table, communicating with our children, board games, laughter, and fun videos with your kiddos (despite our paralyzing worldwide fears). For a moment, we are whole again. Life can stop on a dime with one dreaded phone call, one bad test result, the news of a sick friend or family member. The clock starts ticking!  Life, as you knew it, just changed. Priorities immediately switch from 'eventually' to 'urgent.'  COVID is taking the lives of young and old, making the world go into fierce protection mode! Your biological family is also getting older, and more than likely are high risk for COVID-19. Don't let another day go by thinking, 'you'll search eventually.' While you may think you have time on YOUR side, your biological family could have just answered 'that dreaded' phone call. Should something happen to your biological family, they take secrets, stories, and health history to their grave. Start your biological family search. Whatever the outcome, I promise you will find peace on your search journey. Change your priority status to URGENT, and have no regrets! I will walk every step with you!

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