Confidential Intermediary Basics

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Very few states allow access to original birth records or your original birth certificate; most maintain sealed/closed records. A Confidential Intermediary (CI) is a court-appointed individual who is allowed court-approved access to sealed/closed adoption records. Upon court appointment, the CI will review the sealed records, search for eligible biological family members (eligible list below), and reunite adult biological family members. Court-approved access is an invaluable advantage and will save you precious time. The Confidential Intermediary Program is a fee-based search service.



Under the Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) § 19-5-304(1)(b)(I)(C), there are six eligible persons allowed to petition the court for a Confidential Intermediary. Eligible person(s) below can initiate a search and/or be sought-after: 


  1. An adult (18 years of age) adoptee.
  2. An adoptive parent, custodial grandparent, or legal guardian of a minor adoptee.
  3. A biological parent or an adult biological sibling or half-sibling of an adult adoptee.
  4. An adult descendant of the adoptee or the adoptive parent, spouse of an adoptee, adult stepchild, or adopted adult sibling of an adoptee (with the notarized consent of the adult adoptee).
  5. A biological grandparent of an adoptee, with the notarized written consent of the biological parent. Written consent is not required if the biological parent is deceased.
  6. The legal representative of any individuals listed above (1-5).



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