Adoption Search / Confidential Intermediary Services

Rarely is adoption search motivated by simple curiosity, but rather by a compelling need-to-know that supersedes a typical person search.


Candice Rizzuto has been a contracted Confidential Intermediary (CI) for nearly two decades and has facilitated thousands of adoption reunions across the United States with tremendous success! Candice is exceptionally skilled, respected and highly sought-after in the adoption community. Candice formed NOCO CI to continue her dedication to the CO CI Program and is currently the ONLY authorized licensed CI to accept Colorado Confidential Intermediary cases.


From records access and first contact to reunification, NOCO CI can help you through the confusing legal search process. Few states allow unrestricted access to original birth records that have been sealed by adoption; all other states have diverse and often incongruous requirements for opening sealed records. Adoption search must, therefore, be conducted with professional/accurate research and an experience-honed strategy to obtain desired results.


NOCO CI will guide you through the Confidential Intermediary process. Court approved access to sealed records is an invaluable advantage!  While it is possible to obtain the desired information by legal, albeit more time-consuming methods, NOCO CI can save you valuable time and effort.  Whether you are searching for valuable biological medical information or hoping for a reunion, NOCO CI has the solution to help you move forward with your search journey. 

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NOCO CI is Licensed and Insured!



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