DNA Testing

Biological Relationship(s) – Paternity/Maternity – Siblingship





DNA testing can be used to confirm the biological relationship(s) between family members. These tests are often useful in cases where the child has been separated through adoption, there is a concern that the baby was switched at birth, or to verify paternity/maternity. In cases where birth parents are deceased, relationship testing can be accomplished with other “presumed/alleged” family members. 



A DNA analysis sample collection is an easy and painless process that can be performed in the privacy of your own home or at a sample collection site (locations throughout the USA). If a court-admissible test is required, samples must be taken at a sample collection site. 



A sterile swab (similar to a Q-tip) is rubbed on the inside of the cheek for 30 seconds, placed into an envelope and sent to the lab for analysis. Participating parties do not need to live in the same state to participate. 


* Results are available in 2-5 business days. Call or e-mail for DNA pricing. 


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