If you gave yourself permission to…

“If you gave yourself permission to be more creative and connected, what would your story be?”  – Marian Goodell

I've often asked myself this question, but I get stuck on 'if you gave yourself permission.'  Without obstacles or consequences, what would you do, say or create? What would you change if you consciously tried (no limitations) to be a better person?

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2023 – Why Not Now?

You know that thing you've been thinking about doing? Why Not Now? Have you spent countless hours on mindless social media, sitting on your bahonkas, instead of improving yourself or something in your life? Pick ONE thing you have postponed and put it into forward motion today! Each day and with every step forward – the mental, guilty weight of procrastinating will get lighter! Feel good endorphins are only moments away!


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2022 – Choose Your Own Path!

IT'S A NEW YEAR – STRANGE NEW WORLD – If anything, 2021 has taught us things change on a dime. People are divided, and boundaries are blurred – if not completely erased. What side are you on, and what do you believe? Are you a have or a have not? Are you on the left, right, or undecided? Most importantly, do you need to broadcast your beliefs on social media?

BE A DECENT HUMAN – GOLDEN RULE – THE POWER OF ONE – We don't have to pick a side, and reacting with anger is crippling our human race. We have the power and knowledge to make positive change. Stand together, stand strong.

"The road ahead is not some predetermined path that I am forced to trod, but it is a rich byway that I can help create." – CRAIG D. LOUNSBROUGH

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Original vs. Amended Birth Certificates

OBC vs. ABC – What's the difference?

I'm often surprised Triad Members are unaware the Adoptee has two birth certificates. While 'most' everyone on this planet has a birth certificate, The Adoptee is extra special – they have two! The certificates may look the same, but there are subtle, overlooked differences. 

*Original Birth Certificate (OBC) is issued immediately after the child is born – PRE-ADOPTION. It contains the child's birth name (if one was given) and the birth parents' names. This document is closed/sealed after the child is adopted and can't be accessed or used for legal purposes. In closed/sealed adoption record states, the only way to obtain the child's OBC is with a court order or through the Confidential Intermediary process.

*Amended Birth Certificate (ABC) is issued after the child is adopted – POST-ADOPTION. It contains the child's new legal name and adoptive parents' names. This certificate is used for identification, legal paperwork, and passport purposes. The ABC is stamped "Amended," stamp dated and can be filed up to one year after the child is born and after the adoption is finalized. While there are many reasons for the delayed filing date – the delay is usually due to the lengthy child placement process and adoptive parent home studies. Adoptees and Adoptive Parents can request a copy of the child's ABC through the birth state's Vital Records department.

*Home Studies are required for every adoption (i.e., international, domestic, private, foster care, infant, or older child). This study is an overview of the adoptive parents' life, including immediate family members (e.g., criminal background checks, personal finances, employment, education, hobbies, and family relationship overviews).  The home study must be completed before the adoption is finalized.


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2021 – Faith in Humanity

If you thought 2020 was a brutal year, then 2021 might be the straw that breaks the camels back! Let's step outside and take a deep breath of HOPE, not FEAR. Tomorrow, even the next hour, isn't guaranteed. Let's walk this walk together and find your biological family!  If you're scared and uncertain – know that NOCO CI is by your side. The hardest part of your search journey is taking your first step!  Let me handle the rest.

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2020 COVID vs. Priorities

It seems like COVID-19 has brought the family unit back to the good ole' days. Family dinners around the table, communicating with our children, board games, laughter, and fun videos with your kiddos (despite our paralyzing worldwide fears). For a moment, we are whole again. Life can stop on a dime with one dreaded phone call, one bad test result, the news of a sick friend or family member. The clock starts ticking!  Life, as you knew it, just changed. Priorities immediately switch from 'eventually' to 'urgent.'  COVID is taking the lives of young and old, making the world go into fierce protection mode! Your biological family is also getting older, and more than likely are high risk for COVID-19. Don't let another day go by thinking, 'you'll search eventually.' While you may think you have time on YOUR side, your biological family could have just answered 'that dreaded' phone call. Should something happen to your biological family, they take secrets, stories, and health history to their grave. Start your biological family search. Whatever the outcome, I promise you will find peace on your search journey. Change your priority status to URGENT, and have no regrets! I will walk every step with you!

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2020 – How did we get here?

It's been quite a journey from 2019 to 2020.  One minute we're ringing in the new year, the next minute the robins are showing up, and it's almost Spring Time!! COIRS and NOCO CI have picked up the pace early this year, and I've been busy! There has been a spike in DNA testing. DNA is a fabulous tool for cold-cases but has its challenges in narrowing down biological relatives.  I'm learning new DNA techniques daily! Keep throwing the hard stuff at me, I'm ready!

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2019 – Let me pick up the reins and lighten your load!

We can't travel backwards and change mistakes, but we can work on our present and make a fabulous future!

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2018 – Bring it on!

Another year has slipped by us.  How is that possible?  Make 2018 a memorable one!  Start your biological family search today!

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Sum… Sum… Summer Time!

The HIGHEST compliment one can give is the referral of friends and associates.  
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your trust!  

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