The highest compliment one can give is the referral of friends and associates. We are proud to present the testimonials of our clients! THANK YOU for your trust!   ~ Candice



"Thank you, Candice, for your patience and persistence in helping my daughter, Melissa, track me – her biological mom. Thanks to you, we were reunited after 54 years apart. We have shared so many special moments these past six years. We have been on many adventures, and we are looking forward to many more on our journey together. I am beyond blessed to have my daughter in my life! God sends angels like you, Candice, to make miracles happen. Thank you!"

Carol / CO


"My wife and I spent 15 plus months contacting and writing letters to all the counties in and around Denver with no success looking for our daughter.  A lady we spoke to gave us Candice Rizzuto's name and said if anyone could find her, she could. Candice gave us several suggestions. After several weeks, we told her we had no luck, just the name of the Catholic home for unwed mothers. Candice took that name, and within 24 hours, she called and told us she found her.  That is when her professionalism really showed up.  She couldn't share any information with us until she contacted our daughter.


She suggested I write a letter telling her about my life, family, and other reasons why I was hoping to find her.  Candice forwarded the letter to our daughter. After a week or two, she responded back. The rest is history. We have a wonderful relationship today and for the rest of our lives!  We were, and still are, so impressed with Candice's compassion and concern for all the parties' feelings. She is a professional with great integrity and moral principles beyond question! Our family will forever be indebted to her!"

Wally and Theresa / MN


“I have literally been searching for my biological mother since 1999. Over the years, I have worked with 3 other Intermediaries, spent a lot of money and time, and had no results. Initially, I was skeptical about spending another dime, but Candice’s confidence was contagious! Short story – she succeeded in just over two months! If you want results, Candice is the absolute BEST!”

Dan / CO


"My parental rights were terminated when my children were 7 and 5 years old due to drug addiction.  I messed up – I own it. After serving many years in prison, I wanted to find my children when I got out. A court person gave me Candice's name, and I called her – I immediately felt her sincerity. Since my oldest wasn't yet 18, Candice said I couldn't search for him and needed to wait 1-2 years – ideally, until after he graduated. I took Candices' advice. I needed more time to save money for Candices' fees, and my son needed to focus on finals and graduation.  I was able to reunite with my son, daughter AND meet their parents!  My daughter will be 18 in two years, and we agreed to supervised visits for now. My daughter is more cautious than my son.  With Candices' compassion, honesty, and guidance, I am reunited with my children. I am forever grateful to Candice.  A simple thank you is not enough for you, Candice – you are amazing! You promised nothing but delivered WAY beyond what my heart could imagine. I couldn't have done this without you! I hope you know I consider you a friend and will continue to call with our progress. You are incredibly talented in what you do, and I will miss working with you. Much love!"

Kim / CO


"After a series of fortunate events, I hired Candice to search for the last piece of our family. My son and I had found one another, but the third persons' whereabouts were unknown. Candice found the third person, his story and even photos. Sadly, the outcome wasn't what we had hoped, as he was deceased. At least we know!  Candice and I formed a connection with my initial inquiry, almost a year before hiring her. She was open, professional and straightforward with a deep sense of understanding. I would recommend her to anyone with a similar goal of reunion or completing the circle."

 – Micaela / Costa Rica


"Candice is very thorough, knowledgeable, and has a tremendous sense of urgency, all important attributes when you need expert help solving a problem. We had a family member, diagnosed with a mental disorder, disappear and Candice knew exactly what to do. In less than 30 minutes, she found his location, and we were able to get him safely home. We could not have located a needle in a haystack without her expertise." 

 KW / FL


"I was recently united with my birth family and cousins after giving up my search. Candice Rizzuto worked diligently on my case and updated us on the progress. I highly recommend her services if you’re looking for an ancestor or relatives.  Thank you Candice! 😎"  

 Tom / CO


"It was a real pleasure working with Candice, resulting in a happy outcome for us. We adopted our youngest daughter when we lived in the USA but have since returned to Sydney, Australia. We recently discovered our daughter has a biological half-brother on her biological father's side, none of which was previously known to us or the relevant adoption agencies. We had a name and a birth date but no idea how to find the half-brother. Living so far away in Australia, finding the biological half-brother seemed impossible. Thankfully, Candice came highly recommended to us by the Department of Human Services in Adams County, Colorado, and we reached out for her expert help. Candice responded promptly to our initial outreach via email, we were able to speak on the phone, and she was both highly professional and personable throughout our engagement. Candice was excellent with giving us advice and also helping us to set realistic expectations for future connection with the half-brother. Within a matter of just a few weeks of starting the search, we were connected with the half-brother and have since begun sharing stories and photographs. We could not have hoped for a better outcome, and we could not have achieved this without Candice."

 Russell / Sydney, Australia


"Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. You have given me the resolution and hope I have been searching for. It has been a long wait for something I truly believed would never happen. The realization has been much better than the expectation, which is not the norm in our lives. I'm trying to verbalize to you what I cannot properly put into written form. I look forward to the next stage of this wonderful process, meeting my daughter. The fantasy will now become a reality. Once again, thank you so much for all you have done for this very appreciative family!"

 Ron / CO


"Thank you Candice Rizzuto! Candice has been positively instrumental and calculated in the search for my relatives, her persistence paid off when she found me. I’ve been looking for my relatives for years, and she even reached out and found my sister whom isn’t on social media. Thank you Candice! Candice is very knowledgeable in the field of finding people. You’ve made a difference in my life and the puzzle pieces are finally coming together."

 Tom / CO


"Are you looking for someone? I don't have to wonder anymore.  No more uncertainty. Now I know! Candice Rizzuto does an Angels work. She has a passion for helping people become whole.  I needed her expertise and experience on both sides of my biological family. I really needed her thoughtful mediation. It's never too late, and completely worth knowing my heritage.  I am now on Cloud-9, and I feel complete.  Plus, I have a new friend in Candice."
 Tamara / CO


"Candice was the catalyst who coordinated the connection I made with my husband's bio son. This could not have happened without her. She was kind, professional, personable, and very understanding. My conversation with the son clarified many traits, medical questions, and commonalities he shared with a father he never knew. I am very grateful for Candice's efforts in making this possible. "

 Barbara / CO


"Candice is an exceptionally special individual. My experience was that she orchestrated an awkward situation in a professional, productive, and comfortable manner. I have no doubt what she accomplishes is driven by a personal passion to assist anyone who sincerely desires to sort out and resolve mysteries in their lives. Her understanding and compassion surely made this journey easy and pleasant for me. On Father's Day 2021, Candice brought together me and my 49-year-old son and his family. Until now, I didn't even know they existed. Thank you Candice!"

– Mike / CO


"The wound that I've carried for years, especially the not knowing, had been sealed. The joy of meeting my older two sons is a blessing, and I can't wait to make the connection soon. Candice went above and beyond and ensured both parties were comfortable under each other's terms. Almost 18 years of waiting, and now it's almost over. Thank you!! Thank you for helping me to complete my circle – in the making."

– Katlin / CO


"Candice has worked with me for a year to find my biological parents and siblings. She found both my parents were deceased but found siblings on both of my parent's sides. DNA conflicted with records, and we resorted to a complicated genealogy search. I have connected with a half-sister and two cousins and exchanged pictures. I have pictures of my biological mother and other family members!! It has been awesome to see how much we look alike. My half-sister could not believe the resemblance we had to each other. Our voices are even similar. 😊 Through my relatives, l know more about my heritage and medical background. l have an excellent idea of family/genetic health problems – which is MOST VALUABLE! Candice is very good at what she does! She is a highly professional and effective communicator and is excellent in finding information that helps locate biological family.  Without a doubt, I highly recommend Candice! 😁"  

– Barb / NM


"Thank goodness for Candice! I searched unsuccessfully on my own for a couple of years, then I hired a company that promised they could help, but they had no access to the records I needed, and everything they recommended did not work. Finally, someone at the Department of Vital Statistics gave me information about confidential intermediaries, and I contacted Candice. She was amazing from the start! She explained everything very clearly and kept me informed every step of the way. She found my sister within a matter of weeks! She has been so kind, helpful, and positive about my search, and she has been a joy to work with!"

– Keri / ID


"I was referred to Candice by another party to help me acquire birth records for my son and to locate him. Candice was on this immediately and kept me informed throughout the process. She has a caring voice and demeanor, a soothing attribute for her clients! Certainly, I appreciate all her efforts, which resulted in telephone contact, and I hope for further in-person visits." 

– Judith / CO


"My interaction with Candice was the best I have ever experienced! Others tried to help me, but they did not get results. Candice, without a doubt, is professional with a sweet and caring disposition."

 – Ann / MN


"I relinquished my son in 1969. While it seemed the best thing to do then, I have wondered for 51 years if he was okay, loved, and safe. Not knowing has been a dreadful burden.


By way of a fluke, I was delighted to learn of Candice's services in reuniting adoptees and birth parents. We spoke on the phone several times, and I found her to be absolutely the right person to help me locate him and act as the confidential go-between when she did. Her confidence and kindness were obvious. So I got the "ball rolling" with her guidance and submitted the documents to the court, allowing her to search on my behalf. Miraculously, I found him just a few days before the court approval arrived in her mailbox. He has a loving family, and I have a grandson! Despite what has become a very happy reunion, I regret that I couldn't work with Candice. I would recommend Candice and her services to anyone without hesitation." 

 – Micaela / Costa Rica


"Candice Rizzuto is a valuable asset for adoptees and biological parents looking to connect. She helps you easily navigate the many questions, court forms, and record searching step-by-step. The hardest part is waiting on the courts! You don't have to try to do this yourself. I highly recommend Candice Rizzuto's Confidential Intermediary Services."

– Rita / NM


"Candice, Thank you! My sister and I appreciate your help and expertise. Your candor, honesty, and true intent in helping are refreshing. Thank You!"

John / NM


"First and foremost, the Cardinal Family would like to give a huge thank you to Mrs. Candice Rizzuto! She went above and beyond in helping Mark Cardinal find his birth family. In the early 1970s, Mark and his two siblings were adopted out of North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, through the Catholic Church. Not only was he adopted by an American family, but while going through the adoption, the Canadian court system sealed the documents making it harder for him to find his birth family. After over 50 years of looking and almost giving up, we found Mrs. Candice Rizzuto, who helped us out tremendously. We contacted her in late May of 2019, and from there, she helped us find our birth family. Although the adoption was international, which makes it harder to find, Candice still helped us every day until she found our family. When we got the call that she found family members from both of my birth parents' sides, it was one of the happiest days of our lives. Since then, we have been in touch with both sides of our family. If anyone is looking to find their birth parents or birth families, I recommend Candice Rizzuto. She did a wonderful job of helping us find our family, and I am very grateful she could do so! Thank you so much, Candice!"    

The Cardinal Family / CO


"I can't thank you enough for helping me find my grandson. This is a dream come true. That hole in my heart is now healed, and it's all because of you. Your credentials are impressive, but your manner and people skills are even better. I knew I could trust you the first time we talked. You are professional, very ethical, understanding, non-judgmental, encouraging, positive, and loving. All this in one lady……WOW! Thank you for finding my grandson. I am complete as a grandma now." 

– Barb /  CO


"You have given me more information than I could imagine and connected me with my family, answered lots of questions, and made my life more complete.  I am so grateful to you."   

– JL / NM


"It was a pleasure working with Candice. I appreciated her guidance during the process of finding my half-brother. She proved to be very knowledgeable in her field, and I found comfort in that. It was easy for me to feel like I could trust her right off the bat (even though my Mom and sister were a bit skeptical in the beginning about sending her money to find him).  I feel like the universe led me to Candice, and then she led us to my half-brother!  Thank you so much for making this search for my half-brother so effortless for us! I highly recommend anyone searching for their birth parent, child, or sibling to contact Candice Rizzuto (ASAP) to get the ball rolling!! 

– Tracey / MI


"After 15 years of debating whether or not to proceed with hiring a CI for my closed state adoption – I found Candice. I was extremely hesitant at first. After hearing her story, I was able to trust she had my best interests in mind and was willing to do anything in her power to reunite me with my birth family. She had empathy for my situation. I am so grateful for all she did for my birth family and me!"

– Derek / CO


"I used Candice Rizzuto to facilitate a search for my potential biological father in 2015 and again in 2019 for my potential biological brother. Both times Candice went out of her way to make sure the process was easy and stress-free. As you can imagine, this type of information is life-altering. She was empathetic to our sensitive situation. She worked behind the scenes with LabCorp (DNA tests) to ensure we got a quick turnaround and, in the process, even saved us some money. She was very responsive to all my questions, and I appreciate her professionalism and caring nature. Thank you, Candice! I would highly recommend and would use her services again need be".

– Trisha / AZ


"We have been searching for Karen for 47 years.  The Court assigned Candice to our case.   Within a few months, Candice found Caryn. A different spelling of her name, and a few states away. After all these years, Caryn was the missing piece to make our family whole again. We are so thankful to Candice for putting our family back together again. Thank you so much!! Love, Joanne 💖"

– Joanne / CO


"Candice started working on my case 9 years ago.  I was born and adopted in New York State, and at the time, New York State's records were sealed. It was a difficult case.  Nine years later, and after one false start, I am happy to say Candice successfully found a half-sister.  She followed up on my case the entire time, and I am happy to say there was a rewarding and gratifying reunion! Good job, Candice, and thanks for all your hard work. 
Barb / CO


"I'll never forget the date, June 6th, 2017, when Candice called and asked if my name was Caryn, and I kept denying it. I finally said, "yes, I'm Caryn," and I'm so happy I did.  I never thought in a million years I would ever be reunited with my family and thankfully spend a little time with my dad. I finally belong and am eternally grateful!  I feel like Candice is a part of the family. Thank you ☺️ !"

– Caryn / OH


"I was searching for a long-lost cousin who had been placed in the foster system. After searching for three years, it was apparent I would never find this relative on my own. I was given Candice's information and could not be more grateful. Candice's expertise, resources, and overall willingness to help make it possible to locate him! She was diligent throughout the entire process.  She provided me updates as they were available. Even if there were no updates, she would call to tell me she was still working on it. The information I provided her led to a lot of dead ends.  Candice never gave up and pieced every little detail together until she found him. I was and am so appreciative! Thanks to Candice, I've been reunited with somebody significant to me.  I am forever thankful for her services. Candice is amazing at what she does, and I highly recommend her services!" 
– Mallory / CO


"From the first contact, Candice was a blessing. Very personable and doggedly persistent, she had all the information I asked for and more. Thank you so much for finding my birth mother".

– Cary / MN


"Thank you, Candice. You cut through the red tape found my son's birth mom in weeks. I appreciated your personal touch and frequent updates. Your service exceeded my expectations".

– Maralyn / MN


"Candice made the process of making contact with my birth mother as seamless as it could have been. She made me feel at ease by sharing the story of her own adoption and discovery. She was very clear about what she would say to my birth mother and very reassuring throughout the entire process. When she called with good news, I could feel her excitement right along with mine. I am so thankful for her assistance and would recommend her to any adoptee or birth parent looking for a way to connect."

– Meaghan / VA


"I would highly recommend COIRS / Candice if searching for your family member. Candice helped me find my half-sister in record time. Throughout the entire process, the communication was excellent. Candice pours her heart and soul into finding your loved one. Thank You!"

Wade / SC


"Thank you, Candice, for finding my half-sister! I did not think it was possible to find someone 70 years after their birth. I will be forever grateful! You are awesome!"
Sue / SD


"Candice's assistance, both professionally and personally, was priceless!  The up-front costs Candice listed were clear one-time charges. Candice's years of experience, expertise, and personable communication lessened the angst associated with reunification.  After 40 plus years, my case was successfully resolved within a month with care and consideration for all parties involved.  I can't recommend COIRS enough. My only regret is not contacting COIRS sooner."

– Heather  / TX


"I highly recommend Candice and her services.  She is highly knowledgeable and diligent in her search efforts. Not only is she dedicated to your search and the highest of ethical standards, but she truly cares and deeply understands the meaning of her services on a personal level.  She provided me guidance above and beyond what was expected, or compensated, in my search."

– Shelly  / CO


"From our first initial contact, I have been impressed with Candice's professionalism and her willingness to "exceed my expectation" to ensure a positive outcome concerning our confidential search. Candice provided quick responses to whatever questions or concerns I may have had concerning the search process. She also provided regular updates concerning the progress of her investigations. I was always left with a strong feeling of support, and that I had a concerned friend that was involved in the process of finding my birth daughter. Without a single reservation, I would recommend Candice to represent you as your Confidential Investigation."  

– Bruce K  / CA


"WOW, what a ride this has been.  Candice is Awesome!  She gets the job done, all while helping you and explaining everything in depth. In my case, things moved pretty fast, and I could not be happier. It was worth every penny!   I have some new siblings now, and it is an interesting and wonderful feeling. It has filled a big hole in my being that I always knew was there but had ignored for most of my life.  I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me on this wonderful journey."

– Matthew / CO


"Our Miracle Worker" – After 15 long years, our family has been reunited with our beautiful daughter. A dream we long feared might never come true – but thanks to NOCO CI and Candice Rizzuto, our wildest hopes have become our new reality!  Words cannot express the gratitude we feel, not only for having our beloved daughter back but for the unexpected support, friendship, and professionalism we received along the way. Candice maintained constant telephone contact, text, and email correspondence with updates, information, and much-needed reassurance – never wavering from her promise to make the process easy for us to understand with guidance, patient explanation of forms, and mailings to the courts. My husband and I both agree Candice was there for us every step of the way!  Her reassuring and approachable demeanor somehow always making an emotional journey less taxing. Her compassionate personal touch made us feel less like clients and more like family. More impressive still, our miracle worker Candice found our little girl weeks ahead of the predicted timetable and surprised us by putting us on the phone with her that night! Unquestionably, she gave us our baby back, and our family is forever blessed. Without hesitation, I would wholeheartedly recommend NOCO CI and Candice Rizzuto's services to anyone like myself, with hopes and dreams of one day finding a family member separated by adoption. Your hopes ARE valid, and your dreams ARE real, and they might not be as far out of reach as you think… Give Candice a call!"

– Danielle and Sam /  CO


"This is the second time we turned to Candice for help.  My adopted daughter is now in touch with her birth father. The outcome has been positive, and it is what every adopted person dreams will happen. Thank you, Candice, for your guidance and expertise in our latest search. We will keep you updated on our progress. I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing your kind of service."

– Marylee /  CO


"Now that it has been a year since you were able to make such an impact, I'm reflecting on how far I have come. It was such a blessing to close the chapter of my life by truly knowing where both my birth parents are and their intentions about me. Words can't express my appreciation for you. I recently reflected on communication methods, and to truly make an impact, the message needs to be about the Why, not the How or What. Your Why is evident through your entire process. I felt as if I wasn't just a customer. You made me feel as if you are a friend who could pick up where I left off and hold my hand to the finish line. Until the next opportunity, God's Blessings!!"
– Natalie /  CO


"In 1985, our daughter decided to give up her almost 2-year-old daughter for adoption. She had lived with us, and we were heartbroken by our daughter's decision. We have 5 other grandchildren, and my husband died in 2010. I still wanted to find our granddaughter. The adoption agency was never helpful, but Adoptee's in Search always gave me hope over the years. Through them, I found Candice, who found her quickly. I recently had a meeting with my lovely granddaughter, and I look forward to meeting my two adorable grandchildren, as well as the Mother who raised her. I couldn't be happier." 

 Loretta / CO


"I've been searching for my sister off and on since 1983. Records in CO were closed when I started. Now that more records are available, I hired Candice to see what she could find as my Confidential Intermediary. After just a couple of months, I was floored when she called to tell me she located my sister and put us in touch! Candice is amazing at what she does, and I will forever be grateful for her help.  I am MOST happy and most GRATEFUL to Candice for her time and her caring. I feel bonded to her now in a way as she felt more like a friend than an Intermediary. Candice is warm, kind, and extremely reasonable. I could not recommend her any higher than this testament to her diligence. Thank you, my dear, for filling that major hole in my heart! "

 Jeanne / Ventura CA


"Working with Candice was a great experience. When we learned my adoptive records were destroyed, Candice continued to search for my birth parents with only alias names.  After a lengthy search that lead to many dead ends, I'm excited (and surprised!) to say Candice located both my birth parents and their families!  Candice is always professional, and her dedication will get results.  I highly recommend CI / Candice Rizzuto."

 Melissa / CO


"One year of searching for a skipped court witness turned unsuccessful. I was referred to Colorado Investigative Services, and Candice found the individual within hours. Thank you, Candice! Your skill and knack for locating individuals are spot-on and amazingly accurate. We will be utilizing your services in the future! "

 PI Ronnie / CO


"I was not expecting fast answers if any at all, when I hired NOCO CI to find my sister.  Candice shocked me by locating my sister in a VERY short amount of time.  Essentially leaving me speechless!! My sister was blindsided at the news – as she hadn't been told she was adopted. She said being adopted would explain the family differences over her lifetime! My sister and I have spoken every day since "Sleuth Candice" (as I now refer to her) put us together. Candice is a VERY compassionate person! My sister and I are both thrilled to be reunited! Not in my wildest dreams did I think this day would happen. 😁 Thank you Candice!"

 Jeanne / CA


"Candice will exceed your expectations in every possible way – probably ways you wouldn't even realize ARE possible. My case didn't turn out like I would have liked it to, but that was NO fault of Candice. Through the pain, Candice knew exactly how to make it better (like only a best friend can)! You will not go wrong utilizing Candice and her services. She's the best… by any stretch of the imagination!!!"

 Duane / CO


"Through Candice's hard work in connecting me with my only surviving half-sister and reconnecting me with my bio-father,  I now have FREEDOM! I'm not carrying the burden of wondering who she is or wondering if I'd be accepted. I'm very grateful to Candice. She truly is an angel with a  passion for re-connecting families!!   Thank you, Candice!!"  

Kelly / CO


"Choosing Candice Rizzuto / NOCO Confidential Intermediary to help us make contact with my daughter's birth mother was the best decision for us.  Her professional dedication and caring concern made the search process a successful one.  We are appreciative and thankful for her assistance."

Marylee / CO


"My ten-year journey to find my adopted son was finally fulfilled, all thanks to Candice Rizzuto / NOCO CI. She gave my case her full attention during the short time it took her to find my biological son and reunite us.  Her professionalism was conducted with down-to-earth care and concern for my well-being and his.  She did all of this promptly, something that I tried on my own and with other services for the past ten years.  Thank you, Candice, for your dedication in helping loved ones find their lost family."  

Shelly / CO


"COIRS has repeatedly helped us locate debtors for liens/judgments/servers. I would highly refer COIRS for all your locating service needs!" 

 Jack / CA


"My experience with Candice Rizzuto was nothing short of amazing! With warm professionalism, Candice guided me step-by-step through the search process. Candice is a miracle worker, and I highly recommend her to anyone searching for a loved one!! "

 Di / CO


"COIRS was able to flawlessly and confidentially locate a client who skipped out on a million-dollar debt. The client was quickly found, and judgment was served. Thank you, COIRS – You saved the day!" 

 Pete / AZ


"After one year of unsuccessful attempts to locate a hard-to-find witness, COIRS found our subject within hours of our request. Thanks to COIRS, we were able to bring justice." 

 Max / CO


"COIRS is absolutely one of the highest ethically regarded companies I know. Not only because of their knowledge and resources, but also their sincere dedication to their clients. Clients know they can count on COIRS to succeed on their behalf." 

 Marty / TX


"After much precious time and money with two investigative agencies that "guaranteed" results, my case found its way to Candice Rizzuto / NOCO CI. I have huge respect for Candice's abilities, resolve, and interpersonal communication skills. Candice dug deep and long and eventually revealed the raw truth with dignity and sensitivity like no one else who attempted to find the un-findable did." 

 Marie / Alaska


"After several years of personal frustration in seeking my sister, I was encouraged to contact Candice Rizzuto. I found Candice's work ethic remarkable, and her dedication to helping individuals connect with their siblings went beyond what I expected. Candice accomplished her assignment of finding my sister within 60 days. My sister and I were reunited after 70 years. I cannot say enough about Candice Rizzuto / NOCO CI as a company, as a human and a true professional." 

 Wayne / CO


"Thank you again for how prompt and thorough Candice Rizzuto was on getting me all the information on my family. Candice is very professional, and I would be happy to go through NOCO CI again or refer Candice anytime they require service." 

 Alyshia / CA


"Very courteous, professional, and best of all, quickly obtained what we sought!" 

 Holly / CA


"Candice Rizzuto works hard with great passion on subjects close to their heart." 

 Melissa / LA


"Candice Rizzuto was responsive and provided information that would have been difficult, if not impossible, to get on my own. Thus, I am quite satisfied with COIRS performance and would highly recommend them." 

 Ed / CO


"After years of working with various search agencies and private investigators, I had absolutely no resolution to locate my birth family. I then contacted Candice Rizzuto. With her undying dedication and tenacity regarding search and reunion, Candice was able to do what no one could do in years of my search for my birth family. I have now been reunited with all my birth family due to Candice Rizzuto's diligence in my case. I would highly recommend Candice!" 

 Lisa / NC


"COIRS is compassionate, professional, and a joy to work with." 

 David / TX


"Candice Rizzuto helped me find a missing piece of my life and reunited me with my biological family. Candice worked hard on my case and made things happen super-fast!" 

 Brandi / CO


"Candice Rizzuto handled the search for my birth parents efficiently and professionally. She was personable and wonderful to work with, that we now consider Candice, a friend. If we ever need services like this again, Candice will be our first call." 

 Ann / OK


"I have known Candice Rizzuto personally for a little over a decade. Candice made a highly emotional and complicated process so much easier. Candice is a true professional and will make the search and location process as easy as possible for any client." 

 Brandy / CO


970.686.5668    |    info@COIRS.net