Confidential Intermediary Appointment Process

The Confidential Intermediary (CI) Assignment/Appointment Process is SIMPLE!


  1. The CI/Candice will contact you to discuss case details. She will explain the search process, search fees, and timeframe expectations. Candice will send you a follow-up instructional email with the appropriate JDF Motion and a CI search contract. JDF Motions are also linked below. 

  2. Return the completed JDF Motion and signed CI contract to Candice. She will file your JDF Motion with the court on your behalf. CI Assignment/Appointment typically takes three weeks.

  3. After the CI is assigned, Candice will request the sealed records. The records request turnaround time is usually 4-6 weeks. Once the records are received, the search process begins!

  4. Once the sought-after has been located and before the CI makes contact, Candice will contact you to discuss expectations and contact options.

  5. Candice will attempt to make contact with the sought-after. 

  6. Once independent contact between both parties is established, and contact information has been exchanged, Candice will return all records to the court of jurisdiction for case closure. 


*JDF #345 ALL petitioners MUST file a blank copy of JDF #345 "Order of Appointment of Confidential Intermediary", in addition to the below specific form.

JDF #343 – If you are an adoptee

JDF #341 – If you are an adoptive parent or custodial grandparent

JDF #344 – If you are a birth parent or biological grandparent

JDF #344A – If you are a birth mother who used a known fictitious or alias name

JDF #342 – If you are a sibling or half-sibling of an adoptee

JDF #352 / JDF #353 – If you are an adult descendant, legal guardian, spouse, adult stepchild of the adoptee, adopted adult sibling of the adoptee, or adopted adult sibling of the adoptee.
Petitioners listed above will ALSO need the living adoptee to sign a consent authorizing their search using form JDF #353. If the adoptee is deceased, the petitioner must provide death documentation.




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